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Has life beaten you up?
Have you been thrown a curveball?
We all get thrown off course at some point and trying to plot a new one can be very hard and scary. A lot of self discovery and dealing with stuff that we thought we had under control already can mess with our heads. Here is a great place to start, knowing that you can start small and keep growing from there can keep you from feeling helpless.
I know that there are many different ways to explore and seek answers, so here are some options for you. I will introduce you to wonderful people that can guide and support you while you walk down this road. You will never have to feel alone or overwhelmed.
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Rebuilding your life doesn't have to leave you drowning in debt and living off of Ramen Noodles. You can start today, right now, exactly where you are. Take courses, join groups, skill-up and work with your strengths. Hang around people that you can look up to and learn the ropes from.
You can make your life look exactly the way you want it to be. Make your life so good that you don't need to take a vacation from it. Hope and opportunities are all around us, we just need to be open to letting them in.
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