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Here you will find lifestyle resources for people in transition. Self Development, Financial Education, Income Opportunities, Health and Wellness products, are all offered as solutions to re-set your course.
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Rebuilding your life doesn't have to leave you drowning in debt and living off of Ramen Noodles. You can start today, right now, exactly where you are. Take courses, join groups, skill-up and work with your strengths. Hang around people that you can look up to and learn the ropes from. You can make your life look exactly the way you want it to be. Make your life so good that you don't need to take a vacation from it. Hope and opportunities are all around us, we just need to be open to letting them in. 

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Don't Fear Change

You only fear what you don't understand and haven't been able to prepare for. Once you build your foundation you can face anything knowing that you will come out on top.

 I am all about the underdog, small businesses are getting pushed out, gobbled up by big box stores and online shopping. Small businesses have to change things along with everybody else.

We all bring something to the table, we are all glitter worthy just like the precious gemstones we mine from the earth. All of the stress, pressure and weather create beautiful stones that we end up paying big money for! Haha, each of us possesses talents and skills, now how do we leverage that and make it work for us? What is your super power?  

Our enviroment, economy, education and job markets are shifting into something that we have never seen before. Don't label change as good or bad, just know it is a constant, it never stops. Funny enough we can count on change. lol 

We have to build and rebuild as many times as necessary, we have to be willing to adapt, but that doesn't make it feel any better.

 I want to help take the fear out of the tech side of life, help our environment as we go, by offering  people and small businesses education, products, tools, courses, books and speakers.

Together we can move forward without anxiety, depression or panic attacks. We can make the changes that allow us to feel strong and confident in the way we choose to impact our future. It is all-emcompassing, our daily habits add up to big change, not one action is too small.

Like they say, "try sleeping with just one mosquito." 

Proudly Supporting

Has owning your own business ever been an idea that keeps coming around again and again?

Do you want to take the leap and make it happen once and for all?

Is leaving a legacy for others something that your heart desires?

Do you want financial independence or freedom to work as you see fit?

Here is a great place to start, with all vetting done for you if you like.

I have taken the time to research, dig in to and get to know these wonderful companies that I back 100%. Each one helps people in their daily lives, and I proudly share them with others so they can reap the rewards too. Come and check them out, ask for more details and see how you could get started. 

I love the opportunities that I can offer to people just like you who are looking for a new way of life. Dream big and never stop, all the power you need to change your life is right in your hands.

Nowsite Life
Having experts in your life can take you further than if you pursue life on your own. Having them available to you on your phone is even better!
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Nowsite Marketing
Nowsite Marketing is your one-stop shop for websites and marketing tools. Small businesses can now leverage "3-click marketing" Marketing has never been as affordable, simple and powerful.
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Health and Wellness Modere
All natural, chemical free living for your whole family. Highly accredited scientists are making our award-winning products. You can change your whole footprint with just one company. Clean living has never been easier.
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Ground breaking, state of the art digital business cards for 2021. You aren't limited to a 3.5"x2" card anymore! The best part? It is still based on the good ol' face to face, word of mouth organic leads. Watch this!


rnetwork is the next-generation Participation Marketplace.


Just like the Amazon Prime and Costco memberships, our members subscribe to get exclusive discounts on products and services through

our marketplace.


In addition to saving money, you can share in the revenue generated from the marketplace.


Additionally, for the first time ever we have a FDIC insured bank and a marketplace coming together. This makes it so we can share in the revenue with the bank everytime someone uses their debit card.


We have an easy to follow marketing system, that helps you share the marketplace with others and become cashflow positive very quickly.


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